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Additive Manufacturing Wires

WintWire is the UK’s leading manufacturer of “Additive Manufacturing Wires”. Offering the market the most comprehensive range of grades ,all produced in Sheffield to the highest level of quality. WintWire can trace it’s heritage back to 1870, manufacturing wire on the same site for 150 years has allowed us to pass unparalleled skills from generation to generation. WintWire has been involved in many high profile additive manufacturing projects which has allowed us to produce”Precision Wires for Precision Deposition”. Wintwire produces additive manufacturing wires which have characteristics that far outperform traditional welding wires.


*Our wires are 5 times more accurate than welding wire


Precision Layer Wound spools

Our wire is available from 0.50 mm through to 5.00 mm in a range of packaging. Available in:
– Precision Layer Wound spools (typically MIG) but others available
– Pay off packs / Bulk drums
– Coils
– Customers own spools

Packaged to your requirements for a fault free pay off. Customer packaging is available on all diameters

Did you know?

WintWire is a partner on some of the UK’s most prestigious additive manufacturing projects. Working with the pioneers of the industry including government bodies, the British Standards Institute and privately funded ventures.

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