Additive Manufacturing Wires for 3D printing

Special Melt Wires

Special Melt Wires

WintWire offers a unique service of special melts. Whether you are looking for a specific melt or a variation on a more common alloy, we can offer melts from as little as 30 kgs through to 5,000 kgs. Available in all wire diameters between 0.30 and 5.00 mm or in flat wire:


“can you produce a bespoke melt?”

“can we limit the manganese and increase the sulphur?”

“We need double the nickel to the standard spec, would it be possible?”

“Can we take the 5,000 kgs to more than one wire diameter?”

These are just a few of the questions we have answered yes to….. our special melts are bespoke to your requirements. Whether you want half the melt at 1.20 mm and half at 1.27 mm or an internally developed analysis. We have the capabilities to offer it.